The first Free edition of Anton Webern's song cycle op. 4, based on the original edition.

Anton Webern: Vier Lieder nach Gedichten von Stefan George op. 4

This is the working repository of the first Free edition of Anton Webern's song cycle op. 4. It is released to mark the date of Webern's music's transition into the public domain.

Instead of a CG:

We don't want a full-fledged Contributor's Guide but a somewhat quick and dirty approach. Still some information is necessary:

Requirements: Apart from this repository the only dependencies are openLilyLib and the Arnold font. This means openLilyLib has to be obtained from the current location https://github.com/openlilylib/snippets, and its root and the ly subdirectory made available in LilyPond's include path. Arnold should be available from https://www.musictypefoundry.com.

Branching: As usual all work should be made in the context of branches. The master branch is “protected” against forced pushes and deletion, but all developers can push to it.